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DuPage County Sheriff

James Mendrick

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Programs and Services


Citizen Volunteer Program

Since its inception in 1992, the Citizen Volunteer Program ( "VIPS" - Volunteers in Police Services)  has given residents of DuPage County the opportunity to both assist, and learn about, their Sheriff's Office. Graduates of The DuPage County Sheriff’s Office Citizens Police Academy are eligible to be part of the program, and are trained to work in various divisions within the Office, or in some cases, assist deputies with non-confrontational duties outside of the Office. 

Volunteers who assist deputies in the field are provided with uniforms and cars that identify them as civilian volunteers. These volunteers may act as an "eyes and ears patrol," direct traffic at accident scenes, assist at roadside safety checkpoints, and help secure crime scenes. They also help DuPage residents by keeping an eye on their home while they are out of town. Members of VIPS assist the Sheriff's Office with attending various public events and provide information to the public on the services and programs in which the DuPage County Sheriff's Office provides.  

Every year Sheriff's Office citizen volunteers donate in excess of 2,500 hours to the DuPage County community.