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DuPage County Sheriff

James Mendrick


S.P.A.R.R. (Sheriff's Program for At-Risk Residents)

The Sheriff's Office offers a free voluntary program designed to assist residents of DuPage County who may be at greater risk of becoming confused, lost, disoriented or missing. The program provides the Sheriff's Office with the at risk resident's relevant information prior to an emergency.

How does it work?

You or your loved one will be asked a series of important questions that you will need to answer. The key to the program is the use of information you provide regarding your loved one. The information is stored in a data base that is maintained and accessed in case of an emergency.

Who is eligible to participate?

Eligibility for the program ranges from infant to elderly and special needs to Alzheimer's.

How do I register?

To register for the S.P.A.R.R. program you may call the Sheriff's Office at 630-407-2400 to set up an appointment to register. You must be a legal guardian or have power attorney to register a loved one.

Below is a sample of some of the questions you will need to answer:

  • Full name and date of birth
  • Nicknames
  • Full physical description
  • Identifying scars, marks, tattoos
  • Family member's names, addresses, phone numbers
  • Friend's names, addresses, phone numbers
  • Doctor's name and phone number
  • List of medications
  • Medical condition
  • Best method of communication
  • Work or School addresses, phone numbers
  • Method of transportation used ie. Car, bus, train and the schedules
  • Favorite places to eat, visit or hang out
  • Any usual habits
  • If missing before, the location at which they had been found