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DuPage County Sheriff

John E. Zaruba


Senior Services Unit

Sheriff Zaruba created this unit to foster a community of trust between DuPage's senior community and local law enforcement. The Senior Services Unit is a partnership between the Office's detectives, Special Victims Unit, Community Resource Unit and DuPage County Human Services.

After detectives review reports of crime involving senior's the reports are automatically forwarded to the Special Victims Unit and the Senior Services Director for follow-up. When needed, the Community Resource Unit and DuPage County Human Services are also contacted.

Jim Hatcher, a a long time volunteer at the Sheriff's Office, serves as the unit's director. A senior citizen himself, Jim brings a unique, but essential perspective to the unit.

The goal of the Senior Services Unit is to:

  • Encourage reporting to law enforcement of suspected, or actual, incidents of elder abuse or neglect
  • Develop crime prevention services aimed specifically at the senior community
  • Foster an aggressive community outreach program that targets issues affecting DuPage seniors
  • Provide a network of support to victims during the investigation and prosecution of a crime

The unit's community outreach program includes visits by Director Jim Hatcher and Sheriff Zaruba to various senior organizations and communities to educate seniors about crimes such as physical, mental and sexual abuse, financial exploitation, frauds and scams, and neglect.

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